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Kerala New Year 2020 :Best and Easy Rangoli Designs, Simple Pookalam & Kolam Patterns



Happy Vishu 2020
Kerala New year 2020: It is an auspicious time for Indians, as different states will observe their religious festivals during this time. Just like Bohag Bihu in Assam, Pohela Boishakh in West Bengal and Baisakhi in Punjab, people in the South Indian state of Kerala celebrate Vishu as the Hindu New Year. Vishu 2020 will be celebrated on April 14. There are a lot of rituals followed to mark the festival. But the most auspicious and common has to be the beautiful rangolis, Vishu Kani Kolam that is created in every household.
Making rangolis during special occasions and religious ceremonies are considered auspicious. With Vishu 2020 right in the corner, here we bring you some beautiful and easy Kolam rangoli patterns that you can make in your house. Since, the country is under 21-Days lockdown, enjoying Vishu 2020 at home is what people are going to do. So, dazzle your house floors with stunning Vishu Kolam and Pookam designs and patterns to celebrate the Hindu New Year.

Vishu 2020: Best and Easy Rangoli Designs

 The above design is a bit tough, but you can attempt it. People who know how to make a rangoli and is looking for inspiration to give it a unique touch design, this video can be helpful. The stunning patterns and colour combination gives it the perfect edge matching to the festivity.

Kerala New Year/ Happy Vishu 2020 Greetings

May your New Year opens new doors to happiness
Wishing you an auspicious Vishu

Banish your worries and let your minds be filled with wisdom
Happy Vishu

Spread the message of love and good luck
Lets egos melt away
Begin your New Year with a prayer
Wishing you a Happy Vishu 2020

Sending my heartfelt Vishu wishes to you and your family
Happy Vishu

May the New Year bring you a lot of cheer and good health
Have a prosperous Vishu Kanni this year
Wishing you a Happy Vishu

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