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Some unknown and interesting facts about Ramzan



Ramadan Interesting Facts

Interesting facts about Ramzan: The first fast of the holy month of Ramzan will be observed tomorrow (April 25) in India. This month is the time to give up temporal pleasures and connect with God (Allah). Worshippers plead for mercy from god during this month, by offering namaz, observing fasts, and reciting Quran (holy book of the Muslims). Fasting is one of the most essential practices during Ramadan along with prayers and charity. During the entire month, Muslims refrain from consuming tobacco products and devote themselves to salat and recite the Holy Quran.

To increase your knowledge about this holy month, here are some unknown facts about Ramadan that you should know:

1. During Ramadan, Muslims cannot eat or drink between sunrise to sunset. Sexual relations, smoking, and other things are prohibited.

2. Muslims who live in places with the polar night or midnight sun follow the time-table of Mecca.

3. Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam. Other pillars are Shahada, Salat, Zakat, and Hajj.

4. All adults should fast during Ramadan unless they are ill, pregnant, diabetic, menstruating.

5. If a person dies during Ramadan fast, whoever is in charge of their affairs is required to fast on their behalf once they complete their own fast.

6. During the month of Ramadan, the productivity of workers declines by 35 to 50 per cent due to short working hours and loss of efficiency.

7. Muslims can consume sahur before dawn and iftar after sunset.

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8. If someone has sexual intercourse during Ramadan, they must feed 60 poor people or fast continously for 60 more days.

9. Out of seven billion people in the world, nearly 1.6 billion observe fast during Ramadan.

10. Fasting during Ramadan can release endorphins to improve mental health and detoxify the body.

11. Muslims are not allowed to chew gum during Ramadan

12. During the month of Ramadan, the act of charity increases among Muslim folks. They perform Sadaqa and Zakat.

13. Wives spend twice as long cooking during Ramadan than the rest of the year.

14. The two main branches of Islam, Shia, and Sunni break their Ramadan fasts differently. While Sunnis break their fast when Sun is no longer on the horizon, Shia Muslims break their fast after the last ray of light is gone.

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