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Lunar Eclipse 2020: Complete list of dos and don’ts for pregnant women during Chandra Grahan



Lunar Eclipse 2020

The third Lunar Eclipse of the year 2020 is currently underway across the world. The third Lunar Eclipse will be a “Penumbra Lunar Eclipse”, also known as “Upachaya Chandra Grahan” in Hindi. However, this Lunar Eclipse will not be visible in India. Though, the eclipse will be visible in parts of African countries, Northern America, South America, the Pacific Atlantic, and the Indian Ocean. According to, the Lunar Eclipse will have a duration of 2 hours and 45 minutes. It will begin at 8.37 am IST and will continue till 11.22 am IST.

The Lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth comes in between the Moon and the Sun, and casts a shadow of Earth onto the moon resulting in less luminous light. Eclipses cast two types of shadows that is ‘penumbra and umbra’. The umbra is the darkest part of the shadow while the penumbra is the lighter portion on the edges.

While eclipses are a treat to some stargazers, there are many superstitions regarding it among the Indians as people take it as a bad omen. Among many myths, the myth that eclipses are considered harmful to pregnant women has been set in the minds of locals since forever now.

Since ancient times, people believe that eclipses affect the development of the fetus and bring hormonal changes in pregnant women which will result in mood swings, anxiety, and cravings. But there is no scientific proof of it yet. However, Indians still hold onto some of these believes and follow the precautions strictly on the day of eclipses.

Some of the precautions are:

Refrain from eating during eclipses as it is said that the quality of food gets compromised.

Do not take a bath during the event.

Do not look at the eclipses directly.

Avoid doing physical activity.

Avoid getting in contact with sharp objects such as a knife, scissors, and needles.

Avoid drinking water.

Preserve the cooked food with tulsi leaves.

It is advised to pregnant women to not do chores or go out in the open.

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