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5th July 2020 Lunar Eclipse Timings Do’s and Dont’s to follow this Chandra Grahan



Lunar Eclipse 2020

The Chandra Grahan will be clearly visible from parts of North and South America, West Europe and parts of Africa.

In India, the eclipse will begin at 8:37 am and go on till 11:22 am. The maximum eclipse will be around 9:59 am. The Chandra Grahan is expected to last for 2 hours 45 minutes, according to

Eclipse myth in India

In India, there are various myths and superstitions related to eclipses, whether it is solar or lunar.

According to the Indian version of a lunar eclipse, a demon named Rahu eats up the moon during an eclipse.

Chandra Grahan 2020: Do’s and don’ts

  1. Indians consider lunar eclipse as inauspicious and refrain from eating or cooking during the eclipse.
  2. Pregnant women need to be extra cautious Pregnant ladies should not see the Eclipse at all.
  3. It is believed that the Negative energies released during the eclipse can cause severe problems to the eyes, skin and hormones.
  4. Usually, food prepared before the eclipse must not be consumed during or after the Eclipse.
  5. During the eclipse, it is believed that negative or harmful rays are circulated in the environment. Hence advised to remain indoors and avoid looking directly at the eclipse.
  6. These rays also get absorbed in the food. The cooked food should be eaten before the eclipse.
  7. One should avoid eating and drinking during the eclipse phase too. In households, people add Tulsi (Basil leaves) to keep drinking water pure.
  8. People should also refrain from sleeping during this period.
  9. It is believed that during pregnancy when a pregnant woman watches a lunar eclipse, the baby will have a cleft lip.
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