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‘I am enough for myself’- Inspirational story of Sahil Das



Sahil Das

A young lad namely, Sahil Das who hails from Bhadrak district of Odisha has left no stone unturned. We probably don’t know what the future has in store for us. This young man embarked on his journey from eighteen years of age when most of the students still focus on choosing the right path of their career. He moved to Mumbai in search for a job and had work really hard to support his family. For a few years, he has worked as an assistant cinematographer. But quite frightening is the fact that conventionally his family had not supported him in pursuing this field of industry. This was setting his way to success but opportunities always come up with their complexities and challenges. Every coin has two sides to it. Similarly, if you examine any successful person that from where he started you might be stunned to know that these hardships or voids in person’s life really influenced him to take big steps and endeavour to do something which might inspire many.

Hadn’t he made the move he might not be able to achieve what all he has today? Everyone is striving for one thing or the other. Contentment is very instrumental in defining the way you are leading your life. Consistency, Endurance, and Persistence are what this person practice which made him climb the ladder. Currently, he is an assistant hairstylist to leading Makeup Artist Shaanmu. Sahil is now an official member of team Jacqueline Fernandez and accompanies her to his movie sets and fun gateways. He is a Celebrity Content Creator and a Filmmaker too.

‘I am enough for myself’- Inspirational story of Sahil Das

There is always a silver lining in a dark cloud. Sahil has made this possible through his hard work and determination. There is no shortcut to success. A ship is always safer at the shore but that is not where it is meant to be. As it has been rightly said by Abraham Lincoln, ‘It’s where you’re going; it’s not who you were, it’s who you become’.

I hope this story will inspire many to come out from their cuckooed life and make a difference in their lives and that of others too. So start thinking.

Srishty Puri completed her graduation with English as a major from DU. Pursuing MA (Hons) English . Have deep interest in writing and looking forward to succeeding in positive opportunities. Srishty loves to write on Lifestyle and Bollywood.

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