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Happy Birthday Thala Ajith; Things That Make Thala the Most Favourite Superstar of Tamil Cinema



Thala Ajith

We all know that Thala Ajith Kumar is fondly called as Thala Ajith by his fans. But did you know he is also called as the George Clooney of Kollywood? The actor got this tag because of his good looks and the charming similarity that he has with the Hollywood star. Born to a Tamil father, P Subramaniam, and a Sindhi mother, Mohini, Ajith as a child did not speak Tamil, instead, he practiced Sindhi. It was only after becoming an actor he mastered in Tamil Cinema. Today (May 1) Ajith celebrates his 49th birthday and fans across the country are celebrating it online. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, nationwide lockdown is imposed due to which even Ajith’s fan clubs cannot have any mass gatherings for celebration. So his fans are busy celebrating this special day through social media platforms.

Thala Ajith, born in Hyderabad, had his own shares of ups and downs when he stepped in the Kollywood industry. It was in 1993 when he got his debut as a lead actor with the Tamil film Amaravathi. But it took a lot of time for him to earn a strong foothold in the Tamil film industry. He took him a few years to taste success, but when that happened, then there was no looking back. On Thala Ajith’s birthday, let’s take a look at those five things that make him the most favourite superstar of Tamil Cinema.

Popularity Sans Social Media

Most of the celebrities have social media accounts and it does play a huge role. But Thala Ajith is not active on social media. He gained popularity through his acting efforts. The actor has strong fan clubs across social media platforms and we have often seen (on Twitter) how they stand in support for their favourite superstar. Besides being a brilliant actor, Ajith is also a motor car racer and hence he has fans from the car racing field as well.

Director’s Favourite

Filmmakers look forward to an opportunity to bring Thala Ajith onboard in their movies. Directors such as Agathiyan, K Subash, KS Ravikumar, Siva, and H Vinoth have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to team up with Thala Ajith at least twice. Which director would not want to have an actor like Ajith Kumar in their films who has such a strong onscreen persona that is captivating enough?

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