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Less than one week after releasing the first single from his upcoming debut studio album, The First Time, The Kid LAROI is already preparing to release a follow-up track, and is using his partnership with Epic Games to do it.



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See latest videos, charts and news

On Friday, Jan. 27, The Kid LAROI is inviting fans of his to a very special Fortnite experience titled “Wild Dreams.” It will feature new music of his, including his new single “Love Again,” which will also be released this coming Friday. The partnership marks the first time in Fortnite that multiple new songs will narrate a game experience. “Wild Dreams” will become available on Friday starting at 6 p.m. ET, and will be available to fans in Fortnite for three months.

“MY FORTNITE ISLAND EXPERIENCE IS LAUNCHING WITH THE NEW SINGLE ‘LOVE AGAIN’ and some other surprises.. CHECK IT OUT THIS FRIDAY! #EpicPartner,” the 19-year-old shared via Instagram, as well as some interesting in-game footage and a preview of the new track.

The “Wild Dreams” quest through “Laroitown” will let players earn not only XP, but also special LAROI items and attend the in-game concert. After that show, players can join the musician for what Fortnite calls the Afterparty, where the “Wild Dreams” mix will play on a loop, while offering a look at the musician’s life, including his time on the road.

On Jan. 19, fans got the first taste of LAROI’s forthcoming LP with previously released single “I Can’t Go Back to the Way It Was (Intro).” The track sees Laroi sharing intimate details about his life, such as his relationship with his mother and father, and the difficulties that life often holds. The 19-year-old also struggles to keep up with the fast pace of his existence, and feels bad for the bridges he’s burned in the process.

Listen to a preview of “Love Again” in the “Wild Dreams” teaser posted to The Kid LAROI’s Instagram:

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