Saturn and Venus are in a rare celestial dance tonight. You can see it with naked eyes

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In a treat for skygazers, Venus and Saturn will appear close together in the Earth’s night sky on Sunday.

New Delhi,UPDATED: Jan 22, 2023 19:38 IST

Venus and Saturn have been gradually coming together in the sky over the past few nights. (Image: Twitter/ @IIABengaluru)

By India Today Web Desk: If you look up in the sky at the right moment tonight, you could spot two of the planets in our solar system appear close to each other. On Sunday, Venus, one of the brightest planets in our solar system, and the ringed planet Saturn will appear to touch each other from Earth.

The Indian Institute of Astrophysics tweeted about the planetary meet-up, saying, “A great opportunity this evening just after sunset in the west to witness a conjunction of Venus and Saturn when they will be 0.4 degrees apart as seen from earth. Venus is quite bright and it can spotted easily in the W horizon. The crescent moon will be an added bonus!”

The planetary meet up, also known as a conjunction, makes the two planets appear close together or even touching in the Earth’s night sky. Despite being millions of kilometers apart, the planets seem to occupy the same space in the night sky because of their alignment.

Over the past few nights, Venus and Saturn have been gradually coming together in the sky. The two planets will be at the closest on January 22.

The view will be visible to the naked eye or just binoculars should be enough to enjoy the celestial sight.

The conjunction of Venus and Saturn will take place on Sunday at 2:36 pm EST (7 pm IST), according to The pair should become visible from New York City around 5:18 pm just as darkness falls, shortly after the two make their close approach, or appulse, around 5:13 p.m. EST (2213 GMT).

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Jan 22, 2023

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