Jade Cargill Shares Hilarious Promo Advice From Bryan Danielson

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Jade Cargill is good but inexperienced, both in the AEW ring and on the microphone. She shared the great advice she received from Bryan Danielson.

Jade Cargill continues to improve for All Elite Wrestling, and she recently shared the stellar advice she received from Bryan Danielson about her microphone work. The 30-year-old wants to do big things in the professional wrestling business, and she has crossover appeal that few—if any—stars in AEW can match. Cargill’s record stands at 48-0, and with Revolution approaching, it stands to reason that she’ll play a part in that pay-per-view. She beat Skye Blue in her most recent singles match at Battle of the Belts V, and while it wasn’t the smoothest bout, the two certainly had their moments. Jade Cargill isn’t overly experienced in the ring or with a mic in her hand, and she recently shared words of encouragement The American Dragon gave her.


Speaking on the Bootleg Kev show, Cargill discussed this advice. “He’s like, ‘if you want to get comfortable with doing promos, do karaoke. You should definitely do karaoke, and you’ll be fine.’ Working with someone like that, I’m getting very comfortable in the ring.” Jade also shared that Bryan Danielson has been training her every week, while adding, “[Danielson is] like ‘You need to just breathe in the audience. You’ll have so much fun if you just live in the moment and like with the hits and all this kind of stuff. Just breathe and take it in and listen. You’re gonna’ be fine.’ Now I’m getting more comfortable.” (h/t to sescoops.com for the transcription)

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Jade Cargill’s Winning Streak Might Be Holding Her Back

There’s nothing wrong with the winning streak that AEW has booked for Cargill, but at this point, it might be holding her back as a character. Audiences positively respond to her when she wrestles and speaks, but there’s no Goldberg-type pop when she adds another win to her streak. It’s removed the suspension of disbelief from a majority of her bouts, preventing them from getting the recognition they would otherwise deserve. Jade Cargill isn’t in charge of her own booking, but her win streak coming to an end at Revolution makes at least some sense.

This could be especially true if one of the women close to her betrays her, causing her to lose everything important to her. It’d get rid of that massive 0 on the right of her record, but it’d also help generate sympathy from the crowd. She’d have lost her friends, her belt, and her streak. That’s a comeback story fans would get behind. At this juncture, it feels like live audiences want to cheer for Cargill. They just haven’t been given a full-fledged reason to do so just yet.

Tony Khan choosing to have her finally get beat would also open up the door for more impactful feuds. Cargill hasn’t really had a hot program since she worked with Tay Conti in the lead-up to AEW Revolution last year. Conti winning that match felt like a real possibility, which isn’t something Jade has dealt with in the year since. Taking a loss now would allow her to evolve as a character on screen and make her feuds more meaningful. Wrestling isn’t much fun when the winner is clear before the bell even rings. Jade Cargill has been putting in the work, and giving her a front-and-center feud on Rampage while she attempts to climb back to the top of the mountain could be fun for All Elite Wrestling fans.

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