Jade Cargill on ‘great guy’ CM Punk, what happened to bad Bow Wow angle

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AEW’s undefeated TBS champion was a guest recently on The Bootleg Kev Podcast, and Jade Cargill covered a lot of ground with the host.

Kev asked Cargill about something a few fans have been wondering… what happened to the angle she was working with rapper Bow Wow. A scene was filmed with Jade & the Baddies confronting Bow Wow after a concert, and then a video from him aired on Dynamite. It was dropped with a quick line in one of the champ’s promos soon after.

So what happened?

“I don’t know what happened with it. Something was supposed to happen, it didn’t happen, and we moved on from the situation.”

That something is probably that it wasn’t a very well thought storyline, and that — based on the video he supplied — Bow Wow wasn’t terribly invested in it. Moving on was definitely the right call.

A situation where fans are still debating the right call? CM Punk’s future with AEW after his issues with The Elite came to a head after All Out last Labor Day weekend. Like FTR, Jade told Kev she’d already left NOW Arena by the time Punk delivered his gripebomb and fight now known as Brawl Out occurred. But she’s happy to speak on her own experiences with Punk, which were uniformly positive.

“I wasn’t there. I had already left the stadium — right after my match, I left. So I heard about it just like the rest of the world, at the same time. It was pretty shocking…

“From my opinion, Punk’s a great guy. He’s been nothing but nice to the women’s locker room. He talks to me, tells me his experiences. Again, at Comic Con, we got really close because he was my tag mate in the interviews, and I learned so much from him, and so much knowledge in the industry.

“He’s been in two different companies, and he can do whatever the hell he wants to do. So he doesn’t need it. He does it cause he loves it. And that speaks to me. I don’t need it. I do it because I love it. And I appreciate people like that.”

It was at San Diego Comic Con in July of last year that Punk gave Cargill some advice that really resonated with her:

“Just stand on what you believe, and don’t be a pushover. I admired that because, coming into the business and being new — a lot of people, it’s like you almost have to shrink yourself a little bit. And I know who I am. Again, I’ve lived several lives — I’ve lived real life, and just because I didn’t want to do this all my life, or because I didn’t put in the time, I refuse to let anybody look at me as less than. And I refuse to let anybody treat me any different, because outside of these lines, I’m a human frikkin’ being, and you’re not going to treat me like anything else.

“I’m not saying that anyone treated me any type of way. You hear about that in wrestling… especially on the indies. I’m not familiar with the indies at all, but I’m not gonna be walked over, and I refuse for you to, because I’m Jade Cargill — and outside of these lines, I’m Jade Cargill. So I’m not gonna let you address me as anything less.

“So the fact that he told me to stand on what I believe and don’t be a pushover, that stuck with me. He’s a great guy.”

He also gave Cargill practical advice, like the first time she was supposed to use a steel chair as a weapon on television:

“No one gave me instructions other than Punk to show me how to use a chair, and I had to perform this on live TV.”

Punk isn’t the only veteran who’s taken Jade under their wing at AEW. We’ve known for a while that Bryan Danielson is training the TBS champ. What advice has she gotten from the American Dragon?

“What you see is how he really is. He’s a really nice guy. He doesn’t play off. He doesn’t let people try him but he’s a very sound guy. He trains me on Wednesdays. Tony Khan is the one who set that up. He’s really, really great. The first thing he always asks me when I come back is like I will say, ‘Oh, man, I messed this up’ or whatever I have to say.

“He’s like ‘Jade, but did you enjoy yourself?’ So now I’m living in the moment.”

She also revealed the tip Danielson gave her for promos:

“He’s like, ‘If you want to get comfortable with doing promos, do karaoke. You should definitely do karaoke and you’ll be fine.’ … He’s like ‘You need to just breathe in the audience. You’ll have so much fun if you just live in the moment and like with the hits and all this kind of stuff. Just breathe and take it in and listen. You’re gonna be fine.” Now I’m getting more comfortable.”

Check out Jade Cargill’s entire conversation with Bootleg Kev here.

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