How to Unlock Secret Windows 11 Themes With the Registry

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From secret Windows themes to hidden customization options, here’s how to unlock more Windows 11 goodies with the Registry.

Did you get bored with your Windows 11 themes? Do you want to give your computer a more exclusive look? Well, there’s nothing more exclusive than Windows 11’s hidden themes. And as it turns out, by making a few tweaks to your Registry, you can unlock a new customization option for your PC.

If you want to use these hidden themes, keep reading as we’ll show you a little trick to enable them on your computer.

But First, a Warning About the Windows Registry

While the following tips will let you unlock “secret” themes and tweaks via the Registry, it is by no means a place you should mess around in. The Windows Registry is very important for your PC’s stability, and if you make adjustments to it outside of what we cover here, you run the risk of doing damage to it.

As such, never tweak a Registry setting without proper care, and be sure to read how not to mess up the Windows Registry to learn more.

1. How to Get Windows 11’s Secret Educational Themes

If your PC runs Windows School Edition, you can personalize Windows 11 with a theme exclusive for this version, as long as you’ve updated to Windows 11 22H2. If you don’t use Windows 11 School Edition, you’ll have to work around the limitation.

No matter which edition you’ve installed on your computer, you still need the 22H2 update. To check which version you’re currently using, launch Windows Settings and go to Windows Update.

If you’re running an older version, click the Get update button. If you don’t have the time right now to install the update, you can schedule it for later.

Once you’ve installed the update, there’s one Registry tweak to make, so you can enable Windows 11’s secret themes. Check out how to enable education themes on Windows 11 for steps on how to do this.

Once your computer boots up, you should be able to use the new themes Go to Settings > Personalization > Themes and use one of the new themes.

2. How to Adjust the Color of Inactive Title Bars

You can easily change the color of active title bars through Windows 11’s Settings, but the operating system doesn’t give you a native way to change how inactive bars look. Fortunately, there is a way through the registry to achieve this.

To do this, check out how to set the colors for active and inactive title bars for in-depth steps.

3. How to Enable or Disable Transparency Effects for Specific Apps

Windows 11 comes with the ability to enable or disable the transparency effects system-wide, but what if you only want it to affect some apps? While Windows 11’s Settings panel doesn’t feature the ability to do this on an app-by-app basis, you can use the Registry to do the job instead.

Check out the ways to enable or disable transparency effects in Windows 11 to learn more.

Personalize Windows With Hidden Themes

By now, you should have some of these “secret” tweaks applied to your PC. The process might be a bit tricky, as you have to edit the registry, but you’ll get new themes to change how Windows looks.

If you want to take the personalization process a step further, you can create custom themes for your Windows computer.

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