Feud between friends Nimrit Ahluwalia & Shiv Thakare developing amid the task

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As Bigg Boss 16 is all set to enter its last leg of runtime really soon, things have been really been spicing up in the past couple of episodes. As seen, with the introduction of Ticket to Finale, everyone seems to be pandemonium trying to make sure they stay as the captain towards the end of the week, which will mean the last person standing as the captain will be receive the ticket to finale.

But due to the fact that the rest of the housemates have to create tension in order to make sure captaincy changes hands, the fights, changing equations and shockers have been more and more apparent. Apart from the huge fight between Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot that we know about, the other highlight will occur in the form of Shiv Thakare versus Nimrit Ahluwalia.

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The duo has been friends throughout the season so far but the ticket to finale has led to an apparent feud between them which is further caused due to the white noise outside. Contestants like Soundarya Sharma and Shalin Bhanot would instigate Ahluwalia on how Thakare isn’t really his friend and is only playing the game followed by Ahluwalia herself going on to confront Thakare about the same.

She would be angry with Thakare for taking the names of MC Stan and Priyanka Choudhary and also get emotional and break down explaining him how she has maintained her friendship. Thakare, on a parallel note will also be talking to Stan how he feels Ahluwalia’s bond with others is getting stronger and things are changing.

The precap ended with Ahluwalia saying that the real Thakare is coming out now and everyone seems to be for the 150 cameras and where is the real person.

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