Bigg Boss 16 Day 109 updates: Shalin and Tina get into a nasty fight, is this finally the end of their friendship? | Television News

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New Delhi: It’s another day at Bigg Boss’ house and we’re back with the updates. Priyanka and Tina say that Shalin is selfish and makes most friendships for chicken. Nimrit claims that Tina angers contestants and forms alliances, not friendships. The argument is about character assassination, integrity and the use of foul language. Tina’s rival Sumbul jumps into the conversation and lets out her trademark “talk to my hand” reply. Sumbul exposes Tina’s tendency to appear diplomatic and sweet with the contestants she nominates.

Captain Nimrit must defend the ticket to the final presented to her by ‘Bigg Boss’. The master of the house orders the housemates to decide unanimously who they think deserves the ticket more than Nimrit. While some of the names that came up were obvious, some were shocking. In the midst of the heat for grabbing the final ticket, season one rivals Priyanka and Nimrit are consumed in a massive verbal brawl. Priyanka casts herself as a better claimant of the ticket to the final, pointing out that Nimrit played her cards while hidden in the ‘mandali’ and she has no individual game. Nimrit defends herself by saying that Priyanka played the longest with Ankit as her shield. Shiv gets the maximum number of votes, so Bigg Boss announces that the task for the ticket to the final will be played between Nimrit and Shiv.

Another fight breaks out as Shalin defends Nimrit’s ticket and this does not go down well with Priyanka and Tina, who have witnessed him conspiring against Nimrit. Both girls exclaim his hypocrisy and Shalin accuses Tina of flirting with boys to get ahead in the game. The fight between Tina and Shalin escalates further and he accuses her of breaking his friendship with Sumbul. Tina says he never respects women. Priyanka tries to calm Tina down, but she’s still hot-headed. Tina talks about his ex-wife and how he hasn’t been decent even to her.

The fight continues and Shalin tries to make his point with Sumbul clear. Tina then targets Shalin about slandering Soundarya’s character and how badly he has spoken of her in the past. Priyanka tries to calm them down. Priyanka says things are getting really ugly now. Tina says I don’t want to stay in the house.

Shalin tells Soundarya that Tina no longer exists for me. Soundarya says Priyanka is involved in this.

Meanwhile, Archana cries in bed and says all she wants is love and someone to give her a rose.

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