12 Tips You Need When Cooking With Spinach

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If there’s one mistake that home cooks make when they’re preparing spinach, it’s not seasoning it enough. Spinach tastes fine, but it’s very green, and it doesn’t have a ton of natural flavor other than a slight grassy bitterness. Sure, adding it to whatever dish you’re making will cause it to take on some other flavors from the other ingredients, but you definitely shouldn’t stop there if you want to ensure your spinach is as delicious as possible. That’s why you should always season your spinach generously.

When you throw it into a pan, start with salt and pepper. These two essentials will be necessary in just about any savory recipe, so it’s a smart place to start. From there, think about building flavor with other spices and herbs. Garlic can go a long way in spinach, giving it a pungency it’s missing on its own. Even milder herbs like oregano or parsley can give spinach a punch of flavor and some freshness.

You may think that your spinach tastes fine without seasoning, and it probably does. But if you want to make sure you get a lot of greens into your diet, the best way to do it is to ensure that they always taste their best — seasoning is key.

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