What are the nutrients that are essential for a woman’s health?

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Vitamins and other nutrients are an essential part for a healthy and fit body. It is not actually possible to get all the nutrients that we require from the food we eat, no matter how hard we try. People following diets restrict themselves from consuming some food products, which also becomes a cause of missing out on some nutrients. For women, there are some nutritional supplements that are absolutely needed for their body to function properly. Here is a list of nutrients that women should focus on:

Calcium: Calcium helps in maintaining the bone density in the body. It keeps teeth and bones strong. According to research, women are four times more prone to osteoporosis in comparison to men; therefore, calcium intake becomes more important for them. A calcium supplement is advised by many doctors once women reach menopause.

Magnesium: Magnesium helps to maintain normal muscle and nerve function. It even keeps the heart rhythm steady and plays an important role in building a healthy immune system. This helps to improve bone health as well as regulate blood sugar levels. It also aids in maintaining normal blood pressure.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A makes it to the list, since it has an important role in improving vision. Research even suggests that vitamin A helps to prevent some types of cancer, and even aids the immune system.

Folate: Folate is very important for preventing anemia, since it helps to produce new blood cells inthe body. Not getting ample folate can cause serious problems, like an increased risk of colon, brain, cervical, and lung cancer. Folate is especially important during pregnancy.

Iron: Iron supplies oxygen to the body, supports a healthy immune system, promotes better cognitive ability, and much more. When compared to men, women require more iron because they lose some of their body’s iron content during their periods. Lack of the nutrient causes anaemia.

Note: Please consult a physician before taking any artificial nutritional supplements.

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