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Actor Vijay Antony was severely injured while shooting for his upcoming film, Pichaikkaran 2, in Malaysia. According to reports, the actor has been admitted to a private hospital in Langkawi, and is currently under treatment. The injury happened while shooting an important sequence on a speedboat. Vijay Antony got hit on the face and chest, and was left with bleeding lips.Kavya Thapar, who was also on the boat with Vijay Antony, suffered an injury on her head, and she’s already returned to Mumbai for a break.

Updating us on the accident and the actor’s condition, producer and industry expert, Dhananjayan Govind, says, “Vijay Antony was shooting a speedboat sequence for the film. The crew was on a big boat with the camera, while Vijay Antony and Kavya were on the speedboat. All of a sudden, Vijay lost control of the speedboat and crashed into the big boat. Both Vijay and Kavya fell into the water, leaving the entire crew in shock. The team immediately managed to rescue them,” he says, adding, “The female actor had a minor head injury and has recovered now. Vijay’s injuries on his head, lips, teeth were more serious, and he even lost consciousness for a bit. He was moved to the hospital, where he gained consciousness but couldn’t speak due to his injuries. His recovery is taking a little longer as a lot of water has entered his body. At this moment, he’s in the ICU and under observation but is otherwise fine. His family members have flown in to Malaysia, and they are planning to bring him back to Chennai for further treatment once he’s more stable. ”

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