Meet BahrOS: IIT Madras Comes With A Made In India Operating System For Privacy And Security

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The Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Madras has developed a Made in India Mobile Operating System, called “BharOS”, to meet the security requirements of the 100 crore mobile phone users in India. IIT Madras conducted a press conference today, January 19th, to announce the Indian mobile operating system.

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“BharOS Service” is currently being provided to organizations that have stringent privacy & security requirements where users handle sensitive information requiring confidential communications.

JandK Operations Private Limited (JandKops) has developed BharOS, an Indian operating system that has been incubated by IIT Madras Pravartak Technologies Foundation.

One of the significant features of BharOS is BharOS No Default Apps (NDA), which gives users the ability to stick with apps they know and trust. Additionally, this approach allows users more control over the permissions that apps have on their device. They can choose to only allow apps they trust to access certain features or data on their device, as stated by IIT Madras.

BharOS gives users access to trusted apps from organization-specific Private App Store Services (PASS). A PASS provides a curated list of apps that have been vetted for security and privacy standards, making it a safe and reliable option for organizations.

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IIT Madras director Professor V Kamakoti said, “BharOS is a mobile operating system that is built on a foundation of trust. It gives users more freedom and control to choose the apps that fit their needs, without compromising on security or privacy.”

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