Analysts have reduced Whitecap Resources Inc.’s earnings per share estimates for fiscal year 2023. (TSE:WCP)

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Whitecap Resources Inc. is the name of a Canadian company that is engaged in the resource industry (TSE: WCP). Stifel Firstegy equity analysts, in a note to investors distributed on Thursday, January 5, 2019, lowered their projections for Whitecap Resources’ earnings for the fiscal year 2023. C. works as an analyst for Stifel Firstegy. Kwong’s current projection for the company’s earnings for 2018 is $1.35 per share, which is a decrease from the previous projection, which was $1.58 per share. The current consensus estimate places Whitecap Resources’ full-year earnings forecast at $1.73 per share, which is higher than the company’s previous projection of $1.50 per share.
Recently, several different analysts have made their thoughts and opinions regarding the stock available in publications they have released. According to a report distributed on Tuesday, December 13, the price objective that BMO Capital Markets has set for Whitecap Resources shares has decreased from C$14.00 to C$12.00. BMO Capital Markets provided this information. In a report made public on December 21, Stifel Nicolaus announced that the price target they had set for Whitecap Resources shares had decreased from C$14.00 (Canadian) to C$13.50 (Canadian). In a report made public on Friday, October 14, Raymond James announced a reduction in the price objective they had previously established for Whitecap Resources. The previous price objective of C$17.00 has been revised to the new price objective of C$16.00. Whitecap Resources’ stock was given a “buy” rating by TD Securities in a report published on Wednesday, December 21. The company increased its price target for the stock from C$16.50 to C$17.00. In addition, the “buy” rating was given in a report published on Wednesday, December 21.
Last but not least, National Bankshares stated in a report released on Friday, September 30, that they will now set their price target for Whitecap Resources shares at C$15.50, which is a decrease from the previous price target of C$17.50. Every one of the nine equity research analysts that were questioned recommended purchasing the stock, and one even gave it a strong buy rating. According to, the current price objective for the company is set at 14.32 Canadian dollars, and the “buy” recommendation represents the majority of the recommendations for the stock.
The TSE World Commodity Price (WCP) opened for trading on Monday with a price of C$10.07. In this example, the debt-to-equity ratio comes in at 42.83, the quick ratio comes in at 0.67, and the current ratio comes in at 0.70. The price of Whitecap Resources increased from $7.70 to $12.71 over the preceding twelve months. Both the price-to-earnings ratio of the stock, which is 4.03, and its market value, which is 6.15 billion Canadian dollars, are quite high. The moving average price of the company over the past 200 days is $9.70, while the moving average price over the last 50 days is $10.45.
On October 27, the most recent results report for Whitecap Resources (TSE: WCP) was published and made available for the general public to review. The company announced earnings per share of C$0.53, which is $0.13 higher than the consensus expectation for the quarter, which was C$0.40 per share. The amount in question was 1.16 billion Canadian dollars, which was the revenue the company reported during the relevant period.
On December 22, Grant Bradley Fagerheim, on the board of directors for Whitecap Resources, sold 130,000 shares of the company’s stock. Another bit of information about Whitecap Resources has been recently discovered. Because each share was sold for an average price of 9.99 Canadian dollars, the total amount of money transacted during the sale was 1,298.700.00 Canadian dollars. The director now directly owns 581,200 shares of the company’s stock, which have a combined value of $5,806,188 in Canadian dollars as a direct result of the transaction.
In addition, the company has declared a monthly dividend, which will be paid out on the 16th of this month. Shareholders recognized as having ownership of the company as of December 31 will be eligible to receive a $0.037 dividend payment per share. On an annualized basis, this results in a dividend yield of 4.41% and a dividend payment of $0.44 per share that is distributed. Whitecap Resources has increased the dividend payment it makes every month, which was formerly $0.04 and is now $0.06. December 29, which is a Thursday, is the date that will mark the beginning of the “ex-dividend” status for this dividend. Whitecap Resources is committed to maintaining a payout ratio of 13.70%.

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