The Kapil Sharma Show: Kapil flirtingly asks Neeru Bajwa if she believes in falling in love after getting married; watch her reaction

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The Kapil Sharma Show will see the presence of Punjabi film actors Neeru Bajwa, Dr. Satinder Sartaaj and Vijay Kumar Arora.
Host Kapil Sharma welcomed actress Neeru Bajwa, who appeared on the show for the first time. He tells her, “You have come here for the first time,” to which Neeru replies, “You didn’t invite me earlier.” Kapil laughed and added, “We didn’t know that you would come on our invitation.”

Kapil discusses one of Neeru’s previous films, where she said that love can happen at any age and with anyone. He asks her, “Do you believe in love after marriage?” Seeing Kapil try to flirt with her, Neeru laughs. Take a look at the promo:

The promo also shared some hilarious moments that Kapil got to spend with the star cast of the Punjabi film. He asked actor Vijay the reason for everyone addressing him as ‘daadu’. The host wittily suggested to him, “Did you ever consider dyeing your white beard to black. Who knows people may start calling you ‘chachu’.”

The weekend episode of The Kapil Sharma Show will be featuring the cast making everyone laugh with their gags with a touch of Punjabi flavour.

With Kapil and Archana Puran Singh’s Punjabi connection, expect a lot of laughter in the episode.

In the latest episode of the Kapil Sharma Show, Masterchef India judges Ranveer Brar, Vikas Khanna, and Garima Arora appeared on the show. In the show, Kapil revealed that chef Ranveer uses knife worth Rs 1,45,000. Archana was shocked to hear this. She asked Ranveer if it was true and he said, “Logon ko watch, gadgets ka shauq hota hai.. mujhe knives ka hai,(people like to collect expensive gadgets but I am fond of knives). The knife is made out of a historical sword so while using it, I feel connected to history.”

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