China Expert Has Bad News For China In 2023

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China are getting slammed globally at the moment during the war which they have failed to condemn Russia for – nor assist Ukraine in.

Now they are paying a brutal consequence as some had suggested they would.

Not least China expert Gordon Chang – the renowned author and lawyer who said on Twitter:

#China will not be a superpower for long. Hit with simultaneous crises, it is fast headed for failed-state status.

He also said:

#Beijing has not been dealing with the structural problems in its now-exhausted growth model, so the long-term economic trends will continue to be negative. #China

The Chinese New year takes place in China this Sunday.

January 22nd, 2023.

It will not be a good year guaranteed for them or a happy new year.

Unless they cut ties with Putin, Russian invaders and assist Ukraine militarily.

With modest weapons for Ukraine to repel Russia.

That would bring China back to the table with the East and West before the end of 2023.

Otherwise face oblivion and continue to see the decades of their work ended in a short time like it has recently.

Much worse can happen to them.

Far worse.

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