“Because He’s So Popular…”: Former WWE Superstar Once Recalled How Hollywood Fame Took a Toll on One Aspect of Dwayne Johnson’s Career

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Hollywood fame has made Dwayne Johnson a much more recognized name across the world. But everyone is aware of his initial career, i.e a professional wrestler aka former WWE superstar. As good of an actor he is, The Rock was one of the best in-ring performers in the history of WWE. A WWE legend highlighted the same and praised DJ for the same a few years back. In 2017, current AEW wrestler Chris Jericho appeared on The Larry King Show. The host asked Y2J, his toughest opponent in WWE, to which, while answering; he praised The Brahma Bull for his wrestling skills.


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The Le Champion said, “I had some great ones, I loved working with Shawn Michaels like I said. The Rock was always fun. The Rock actually because he’s so popular now in Hollywood (that) people forget how good of a wrestler he was. He was a great wrestler inside the ring, always fun to work with him.”


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The Lionheart had a point when he praised DJ for his skills in WWE. The Great One was an athletic WWE superstar has given several eye-catching and memorable matches. He had some exciting moves that made the crowd cheer out loud when he performed those moves.

The WWE Universe still talks The Rock’s matches with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Johnson hasn’t wrestled for a while but he can still return and make the fans go wild just by his mere presence.

Dwayne Johnson thanked Chris Jericho for the honor

A few years after praising The Rock for his in-ring skills in 2017, Y2J once again said the same on Twitter in 2021. This time Johnson replied to the tweet thanking him and recalling an incident.

The 10-time world champion wrote, “This means a lot, thank you brother for these words. You’re one of the GOATS and man the fun we had electrifying the millions around the world.  What an honor.  And I still owe you a receipt for that tobacco spit incident”


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Jericho and The Rock were truly the most electrifying stars in WWE. The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla debuted against DJ on RAW and since then they had a great rivalry in the ring and on the mic.

Did WWE give another hint about The Rock’s return?


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The Royal Rumble 2023 poster is electrifying, which indicates The Rock might return at the PLE. Moreover, recently WWE dropped The Great One’s merchandise on their official shop ahead of Royal Rumble.


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It seems DJ might finally step in the ring this year. What are your thoughts on The Rock’s WWE return? Share your views below.

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