Why Pfizer CEO Ignored Questions On Transmission!

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A video of Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla ignoring questions on COVID-19 vaccines preventing transmission has gone viral.

Take a look at the viral video, and find out what the facts really are!


Viral Video : Pfizer CEO Ignores Questions On Transmission!

A video of Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla ignoring questions on COVID-19 vaccines preventing transmission has gone viral.

Here is a rough transcript of what was said. It’s really long, so feel free to skip to the next section for the facts.

Ezra Levant : Mr. Bourla, can I ask you – when did you know the vaccines did not stop transmission? How long did you know that before saying it publicly?

Albert Bourla : Thank you very much.

Ezra Levant : To that question, I mean, we now know that the vaccines didn’t stop transmission, but why did you keep it secret?

Ezra Levant : You said it was 100% effective, then 90%, then 80%, then 70%, but we now know that the vaccines do not stop transmission. Why do you keep that secret?

Albert Bourla : Have a nice day.

Ezra Levant : I won’t have a nice day until I know the answer. Why did you keep it a secret that your vaccine did not stop transmission?

Avi Yemini : Is it time to apologise to the world, sir? To give refunds to the countries that borrowed their money into a vaccine that doesn’t work. An ineffective vaccine. Are you not ashamed of what you’ve done in the last couple of years?

Ezra Levant : Do you have any apologies to the public, sir?

Avi Yemini : Are you proud of it? You made millions on the backs of people’s entire livelihoods. How does that feel to walk the streets of millionaires on the backs of the regular person at home in Australia, in England, in Canada?

Ezra Levant : What do you think about on your yacht, sir? What do you think about on your private jet? Are you worried about product liability? Are you worried about myocarditis?

Avi Yemini : What about the seven deaths?

Ezra Levant : What do you have to say about young men dropping dead of heart attacks every day? Why won’t you answer these basic questions? No apologies, sir?

Avi Yemini : Do you think you should be charged criminally for some of the criminal behaviour you’ve obviously been a part of?

Ezra Levant : How much money have you personally made off the vaccine?

Avi Yemini : How many boosters do you think it will take for you to be happy enough with your earnings? Nothing?

Ezra Levant : Who did you meet with here in secret? Will you disclose who you met with? Who did you pay commissions to?

Ezra Levant : In the past, Pfizer has paid 2.3 billion dollars in fines for deceptive marketing. Have you engaged in that same conduct again? Are you under investigation like you were before for your deceptive marketing, sir?

Avi Yemini : If any other product in the world doesn’t work as promised, you get a refund. Should you not refund to countries that laid out billions for your ineffective vaccine?

Ezra Levant : Are you used to only sympathetic media, so you don’t know how to answer any questions?

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Why Pfizer CEO Ignored Questions On Transmission!

This is yet another example of ANTI-VACCINE PROPAGANDA created and propagated by anti-vaccination activists, and here are the facts you need to know.

Fact #1 : COVID-19 Vaccines Were Never Meant To Stop Transmission

The COVID-19 vaccines, whether from Pfizer or any other pharmaceutical company, were designed to prevent hospitalisation and death from COVID-19.

Prevention of transmission would have been a nice bonus, but it was never the primary goal of any COVID-19 vaccine. And how do we know that?

Simple – there were only three endpoints in the Phase 3 trials of COVID-19 vaccines:

  • protection against symptomatic infection
  • protection against severe disease
  • protection against death

All vaccines – whether Pfizer or otherwise – were never designed or required to prevent transmission of COVID-19.

That was precisely what all COVID-19 vaccines aimed for, and was what all Phase 3 trial results show. Here is a table I created from the initial Phase 3 trials of the major vaccines in March 2021:

COVID-19 Vaccine Protection Against
Pfizer Comirnaty 95.0% 100% 100%
Gamaleya Sputnik V 91.6% 100% 100%
Moderna mRNA-1273 94.1% 100% 100%
AstraZeneca AZD1222 62% ~ 90% 100% 100%
Sinopharm BBIBP-CorV 79% ~ 86% 90% 100%
Sinovac Biotech 50.65% 83.7% 100%
J&J Janssen COVID-19 66.0% 85% 100%
CanSino Biologics 65.7% 90.98% 100%

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Fact #2 : It Is Quite Impossible To Prevent Transmission Of COVID-19

Anti-vaccination activists are harping on the prevention of transmission, because it’s a red herring – they know that it is quite impossible to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus is primarily a respiratory virus that spreads by droplets and aerosols, but it is highly contagious, and can infect people through their eyes and mouths, and even through fomites (contaminated surfaces) – albeit, this is relatively rare.

The point is – vaccines are not force fields that repel the SARS-CoV-2 virus. They are basically training camps that teach our own immune system how to identify the virus, so they can make their own antibodies against it.

Even in a fully-vaccinated person, the antibodies only work after the virus enters the bloodstream. The antibodies cannot block or repel the virus, which is why the vaccine trials looked at preventing “symptomatic infections” and not just preventing “infections”.

Similarly, the immune systems of vaccinated people are capable of preventing the virus from causing serious harm, but they can only partially block transmission by preventing the virus from replicating as much as it would normally be capable of.

The immune systems of vaccinated people, unfortunately, cannot do anything about virus particles that get inhaled into the lungs and then exhaled into the environment in respiratory droplets and aerosols.

I should point out that “natural immunity” from a prior COVID-19 infection cannot block or prevent transmission of COVID-19 either. So why should anyone insist that vaccines, whether Pfizer or otherwise, must prevent transmission of COVID-19?

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Fact #3 : COVID-19 Vaccines Are Effective

Regardless of what the two men who questioned Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla may claim, the truth is – COVID-19 vaccines have proven to be effective in preventing severe disease and death from COVID-19 infections.

That is how most of the world was able to reopen without COVID-infected patients swamping hospitals and ICUs, as we saw throughout 2020 and early 2021.

Yes, fully-vaccinated people are still getting infected by COVID-19, but they no longer need to be hospitalised, and most of them no longer die from a COVID-19 infection.

Again, COVID-19 vaccines were designed to prevent severe illness and death, not transmission or infection. They have done an excellent job in those aspects.

Fact #4 : COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy Changes Against Variants

Like the influenza virus, the SARS-CoV-2 virus mutates rapidly – every infected person is literally a virus factory that is capable of producing new variants.

New virus variants may differ enough that the antibodies created by our own immune system may not attach to them properly.

This “immune escape” problem exists for people who obtained “natural immunity” through a COVID-19 infection, as much as those who are fully-vaccinated.

Each new variant is like an army that has learned to adapt to the battlefield, which is why the vaccines’ efficacy appear to “drop” with each variant.

It does not mean the vaccines do not work as advertised. Those vaccines still maintain the same efficacy against the ancestral COVID-19 virus that they were all tested against. It’s just that the antibodies they trigger may be less capable of attaching properly to the newer variants.

That is why it is important to develop new versions of the vaccines to deal with new COVID-19 variants that develop over time.

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