Tony Khan Pours Fuel On The Fire That Khans May Buy WWE

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With Vince McMahon officially back with WWE and looking to facilitate a sale of the company in the coming months, a list of potential buyers has been making the rounds with one such interested party perhaps being the Khan family. The Khans currently own the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars, Fulham FC of the Premier League, and — WWE’s closest rival — All Elite Wrestling. With the family’s name entering into the rumor mill, AEW CEO Tony Khan addressed these intriguing reports in a new interview.

“I am interested in the news that there’s potentially a sale process,” Khan said on “The Maggie and Perloff Show.” “Certainly, I think we’ve [the Khan family] shown that when there’s acquisitions, transactions, we are capable of making the big purchases.” The AEW President noted that his billionaire father, Shahid Khan, has done a “great job” putting resources into the Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham FC to build them up. Khan added that he and his family have also shown that they can build a company from scratch with AEW. 

Meanwhile, with the rumors continuing to swirl about the Khans being in the mix on WWE, Khan disclosed whether or not it was a realistic idea. “AEW is my main focus,” Khan added. “But certainly when that news is out there, I think it’s very interesting … I think, you know, it’s very preliminary to talk about that process. But if there is a process there, which it sounds like there may be, then I’m interested in being a part of it, certainly.” 

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