The Division 2 Launches on Steam with Several Issues

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Ubisoft has seen better days, that’s for sure. Not long ago, we got news of the sixth delay for Skull and Bones, a game that many people think shouldn’t happen at this point. Now, a beloved game of the studio has made its way to the most famous gaming platform on PC. The Division 2 was released on Steam, and sadly, it has several problems that are giving the game mixed reviews. While some of them aren’t too bad, others are, and it is affecting the experience of some players. We truly hope that Ubisoft fixes these issues soon so people can enjoy the title.

The Division 2 is experiencing crashes and a lack of achievements on Steam

While most of the game is playable, there are several users reporting many crashes. This means that the game isn’t in a good spot right now. Many users are saying that these crashes have happened in other versions of the game. If this is true, that means Ubisoft hasn’t fixed any PC issues since it launched on the Epic Games Store in 2019, which means they carried over to The Division 2’s launch on Steam. This is bad and makes people worry about whether they should buy the PC version or not.


The Division Movie Might Be Further Away Than We Thought

While the game just received a patch, the crashing issues of The Division 2 on Steam remain. This is hindering the experience for many players and could lead to refunds if it continues. While the console versions aren’t that bad, the PC one isn’t too optimized. While the game is cheap and accessible for many, some wonder if it is worth spending their money on or not. For not, as always, we can only wait. Today’s a day that’s been full of glitches and issues for many games. Fortnite’s hurdle mechanic is still a mess even after the recent update. Bandai Namco botched the Xbox Series X|S version of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot before its release. So, a bad day for some game companies, but here’s hoping that it’ll improve for them.

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