‘PUBG: Battlegrounds’ Update Introduces ‘Blizzard Zone’

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Developers have unleashed a slew of revamps arriving via the latest update for PUBG: Battlegrounds. Among the changes are some subtle tweaks to the game’s environments, along with an entirely new zone.

Leading the charge of updates is a severe snowstorm called the Blizzard Zone. When players enter the zone, they’ll move slower and receive constant damage per each second they’re in the zone. They’ll also have their sight and sound limited and vehicles will be harder to control. Before entering the zone, which is available in both normal and custom matches, players will be warned via a message and will be able to view the activated area UI on the world map.

“Mother Nature is back wreaking havoc upon Vikendi once again,” developers said. “With the 21.2 Update, players may find themselves face-to-face with the Blizzard Zone. Once players enter the Blizzard Zone they will find themselves moving slower, receiving consistent damage per second, hindered sight and sound, and vehicles will be harder to maneuver.”

Another change to the gameplay experience includes Secret Rooms. Located throughout the map, players who obtain the Security Key and then stumble upon one of these rooms will be treated to valuable, high-tier items.

Developers have additionally launched three new Repair Kits, serving to save players in matches by allowing them to repair vehicles, helmers and armor.

Check out all the new updates coming to PUBG: Battlegrounds in the Patch Notes.

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