HomePod 2 Preorder: Where to Buy Apple’s New Smart Speaker

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In a surprise move, Apple has unveiled an upgraded HomePod and it’s already available to preorder. The long-awaited update to the full-size HomePod, originally released in 2018 and discontinued in 2021, is set to ship on Feb. 3 and retails for $299. 


Though the physical design remains mostly unchanged, the new smart speaker packs in some interesting additional features alongside the exceptional audio quality we’ve come to expect from Apple gear. New features include Matter, Thread and Bluetooth 5.0 support, plus built-in temperature, humidity and sound recognition sensors. 

What colors does the HomePod 2 come in?

Apple’s second-gen HomePod comes in just two colors: midnight (black) and white. 

How much does the HomePod 2 cost?

While the original HomePod launched at $349, Apple has dropped the price slightly for the 2023 iteration. You can get your hands on the HomePod 2 for $299 (£299, $299)

Best HomePod 2 preorder deals

Apple’s second-gen HomePod has only just been revealed and is still in the preorder stage, though we’re now seeing it listed at several third-party retailers in addition to Apple itself. 

Order the latest HomePod directly at Apple for $299 and you’ll score six months of Apple Music (worth $66) streaming at no extra cost if you’re new to that service. Devices will begin shipping on Feb. 3. 

Best Buy is now listing the new HomePod n both color options. There’s no direct discount there at this early stage but you’ll nab four months of Apple Music, four months of Apple News Plus, and three months of Apple TV Plus with the purchase if you are new or returning to any of those services. 

Target is selling the second-generation HomePod for a dollar over its regular price, but Target RedCard holders can score 5% off making for the first direct savings on the device. That’s good for $15 off.

B&H has opened its HomePod 2 preorders with mid-February availability. The retailer offers a neat way to save on sales tax with its own-brand B&H Payboo credit card that gives you the tax back as cash back. On a purchase this large, that could be a decent chunk of change depending on where you live. 

HomePod 2 preorders are open at Walmart, though there are no deals to be found there just yet. In-store pickup could be a convenient option, though.

You won’t save on the purchase price of your HomePod 2 preorder at Adorama but you can use its rewards program there for free in order to earn money off future purchases. 

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