BLACKSWAN, The Multinational K-Pop Girl Band Performs At The Hockey World Cup Celebrations

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BLACKSWAN is an all-girl K-Pop band based in South Korea that made headlines as a multinational group that includes India’s first K-Pop star, Shriya Lenka. Since the news of the band forming and Shriya making it to the finals, India has been stoked about them coming to the country and performing. When the news of BLACKSWAN performing at the 2023 Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup Celebrations hit the surface, all the K-Pop fans in the country have been awaiting. Finally, the day came when the girl group came to the country and delivered an energetic and entertaining performance.

The performance was at the opening ceremony of the Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 which happened on January 11th. The girl group made the audience absolutely enthralled with their congenial and amusing choreography and singing talents. The crowd of over 40,000 people who had gathered at the Barabati Stadium for the opening celebrations of the event was treated to a mesmerizing performance by the all-girl group. The members Fatou, Gabi, NVee, and Shriya, all separately delivered a wonderful show of their amazing talents along with their synchronized act. The live performance proved why there is a rise in K-Pop music and acts as they bring so much energy and entertainment to the stage. Even though BLACKSWAN is a group of four girls from different countries and cultures, and with Shriya being the one from India, moreover from Odisha, when they performed, they performed as a group representing their music and talents together.

Shriya Lenka previously made headlines when she became a K-Pop idol as the first Indian ever. She has been living the dreams of countless Indians who wished to take the first steps to becoming a big name in the K-Pop industry.  She comes with a highly inspiring story who has pursued her passion of becoming a K-Pop idol tirelessly after becoming a huge fan in 2016. She was chosen from almost 4000 participants who went to take part in the auditions held by DR Music. Since Shriya was chosen as a BLACKSWAN member, the group was expected to come to India for touring which finally came true with their opening performance at the Barabati Stadium. While explaining their performance, the group expressed how they were nervous at first but with the crowd’s cheering and support they were able to perform with full confidence and a promise to visit again.

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