Which League of Legends champion says “Every mistake, a lesson”?

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With the launch of the 2023 ranked season in League of Legends, Riot Games introduced a new set of missions.

These event tasks were added to the game in celebration of the beginning of the ranked season. Since Jan. 10, a new mission has been added to League every day, and its goal is to have a player play a game with a certain champion on their team.

The champions in the missions, though, aren’t precisely described. Instead, players are given one quote from a champion or their skin, and they have to showcase their lore knowledge to guess which champ is required in their team to complete the quest.

Luckily, players have until Jan. 24 to complete the missions, with the possibility to finish quests from previous days at any point in that period.

Not everyone is familiar with the game’s lore, and sometimes it’s difficult to know which champion says a certain quote. If you’re looking for today’s answer, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

“Every mistake, a lesson”: This is today’s League mystery champion

The quote given to League players on Jan. 15 is “every mistake, a lesson.” This quote comes from none other than the Monkey King, Wukong.

If you play a game as Wukong or with this champion in your team, you’ll earn yourself a Hextech Chest and Key as a reward. You’ll also receive an Aatrox champion shard, which should be the answer to tomorrow’s riddle.

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