New Horizons Fan Creates ‘Hard Mode’ Way to Play the Game

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Since Nintendo doesn’t provide major updates to Animal Crossing: New Horizons anymore, fans are taking matters into their own hands.

Playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons has started to become somewhat of a drag for some players who have been playing since launch, so in order to shake things up a “Hard Mode” was created. The idea came as a necessity since Nintendo stopped adding major content to Animal Crossing: New Horizons a little over a year ago.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of Nintendo’s most successful game in history no doubt partially because it threw a lifeline to people stuck inside their homes during the COVID pandemic. Therefore, Nintendo’s lack of meaningful support for Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the long-term puzzles fans endlessly, but it doesn’t stop them from coming up with new ways to keep the game interesting.


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YouTuber NintenTalk came up with the idea of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Hard Mode. He has challenged the entire Animal Crossing community, whether veteran or brand-new players, to participate in this new way of playing the game. In order for this to work players must restart their islands completely without any Bells or materials. Beyond that, there are plenty of rules to adhere to in order to truly up the game’s difficulty. These rules are divided into 5 categories: Restarting Rules, Villager Rules, Daily Rules, Design Rules, and Economy Rules. According to NintenTalk the reason for all these rules is for players to really take their time when playing Animal Crossing.

People who are interested in taking part in playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons “Hard Mode” may familiarize themselves with the rules through either NintenTalk’s Twitter or through the step-by-step video he made on the process of this new play mode. This new way of playing Animal Crossing will create plenty of challenges for players that will no doubt lead to spending more time with each step of the game, not to mention asking for a bit more creativity. Especially when it comes to the rule of only wearing clothes that the players designed themselves.

It’s good to see such dedication from a player base, but the loyalty is understandable when the game has helped so many people through hard times. Even if there are fans who started playing it after the pandemic, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the perfect game of escapism, of leaving the real world behind for a while to spend time farming, fishing, and talking to animal friends. There is an unspoken hope that if Nintendo sees the effort fans put into keeping the Animal Crossing experience still fresh and interesting, it might spur the company to release some new content for its enthusiastic fans.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is out now for Nintendo Switch.

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