Floyd Mayweather Trains Viral ‘BILLIE EILISH’ Artist Armani White During ‘GOATED’ Filming

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After having a successful career in professional boxing, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather might be looking to make it in the music industry. Recently, he was seen making a cameo in a music video by Armani White named ‘GOATED’. We have witnessed Mayweather’s love for rap music and hip-hop artists on various occasions. However, ‘GOATED’ might be his official appearance in a Hip-Hop music video.

Enoch Armani Tolbert is popularly known as Armani White. He is an American rapper, who got famous after his song ‘Billie Ellish’ went viral. There have been more than 37 million views for the song on YouTube to date, and it also ranked 58 on the Billboard Hot 100 in September 2022. However, let’s look at how Mayweather’s special presence and training worked for the song.


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Floyd Mayweather gave some training tips to Armani White

As per TMZ Sports, the video was taken during the original shooting of the music video. Additionally, in the video, Mayweather helped White with how to hold the punching bag. Moreover, ‘Money’ was seen giving instructions on how to make a proper punching move. Mayweather also appeared to be doing push-ups with the music artist. And all these things were also available in the original music video.

Ultimately, both celebrities performed a ‘GOATED’ dance together. The song is a tribute to all the legends in American sports as legendary basketball player Michael Jordan also got a worthy mention. The famed  Jersey no. 23 featured in the video.

Coincidentally, Floyd Mayweather is also working on a new docuseries which is based on his life story and the name is somewhere similar to the song.


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Floyd Mayweather is ready to tell his own life story

Floyd Mayweather has recently hinted about the release of his biography. Proclaimed director, Deon Taylor is directing the docuseries, and interestingly the title ‘The GOAT’ sounds similar to the song that featured him.


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The docuseries promises to reveal some unseen dark truths about Mayweather’s life, along with his rollercoaster ride to the top of success. It will reveal more than just his success, according to him.

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Although, fans have praised the new avatar of ‘Money’ Mayweather. Armani White might have done the right thing to feature him in the music video.

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