Nevada Cancer Coalition bringing awareness to cervical health

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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) -January is Cervical Health Month and the Nevada Cancer Coalition estimates 60 Nevadans will die from the disease this year.

With early detection and prevention, this is an important disease to bring awareness to. The cancer coalition expressed cervical cancer is a disease that is discussed less often.

The NCC encourages women to understand the best steps that can make a difference and save lives. The Pap test and vaccination for HPV are medical advances that have led to cancer cases being rare. The coalition shared that even with early detection and early prevention, only half of Nevada’s youth have been vaccinated for HPV.

Doctors recommend Pap tests begin at 21 years old. Cells in the cervix are checked to see if they are abnormal. The vaccine is available for those as early as nine years and is recommended for ages eleven to twelve.

Cari Herington, Executive Director for the Nevada Cancer Coalition shared:

“Start talking about cervical cancer we can screen for it and find it early, so share this message with your friends get your Pap Test if you haven’t done so and get our kids and our young adults vaccinated for HPV. This is (a) cancer we can prevent,” Herington said.

Those who are in rural communities or who have less access to healthcare are the 60 percent of cervical cancer diagnoses in our state.

To help bridge the gap, the Nevada Women’s Health Connection has screening programs available to those who are uninsured.

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