JBL Classic Series comes with retro charm

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HiFi fans will also get their money’s worth at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. Among others, JBL will be represented. However, this time the sound expert will not be offering a Bluetooth speaker. Instead, the so-called Harman Luxury Audio Group delivers four new devices. An amplifier, CD player, streamer and record player form the JBL Classic Series, which wants to combine chic retro design with the latest technology.

JBL Classic Series is hi-fi all-in-one

The JBL Classic Series is not new. However, Harman is positioning itself much broader this year. Until now, the product portfolio was actually composed only of speakers. That is to change this year. In addition to the stereo integrated amplifier JBL SA550 Classic Integrated Amplifier, we were able to admire a streaming media player in the form of the JBL MP350 Classic Streamer, a CD player in the form of the JBL CD350 Classic CD Player and even a record player with the JBL TT350 Classic Turntable at the Harman Explore.

Already the uniform design language makes it clear that these devices want to act in concert. In doing so, JBL is obviously reflecting on old virtues. The look of the JBL Classic Series is really cool and relies on retro charm. According to the manufacturer, the design is based on the classic JBL devices from the 60s. Accordingly, one relies here on a combination of warm walnut veneer and creates a chic contrast with the aluminum control units.

JBL SA550 and MP350 – amplifier and streamer

Part of the new JBL Classic Series is the SA550. This one is supposed to bring plenty of power into your own four walls thanks to Class G. It should not only convince with a great sound, but also be able to offer an appealing variety of connections.

JBL SA550 (Image: Harman)

Source devices should be able to connect not only classically by cable, but also wirelessly with the help of Bluetooth. As a perfect complement to the SA550, you can get the MP350 from the new JBL Classic Series in the house.

JBL MP350 (Image: Harman)

This is a streaming client that offers state-of-the-art music streaming either via LAN or WiFi. Of course, services like Spotify Connect or TIDAL Connect are supported. Thanks to Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay 2, you can also play music via smartphone at lightning speed.

Other highlights from CES 2023:

JBL CD350 and TT350 – Perfectly equipped for CD and vinyl

Friends of classic CDs and records also get their money’s worth in the JBL Classic Series. There is on the one hand the CD350, which is used as a CD player. According to the manufacturer, the high-quality CD player should provide a very high audio quality thanks to modern, high-quality converters.

JBL CD350 (Image: Harman)

Thanks to the built-in USB-A port, not only CD collections but also files fed via USB should be able to benefit from this. Since vinyl is far from dusty among hi-fi enthusiasts, the JBL Classic Series naturally also brings a suitable device for playback.

JBL TT350 (Image: Harman)

At first glance, the TT350 also looks like a high-quality classic car from old hi-fi days, which is due to the walnut-aluminum combo. But here, too, the latest technology is supposed to be slumbering under the hood. So, for example, the drive, which should probably be able to offer a direct drive.

JBL 4329P and Spinner BT

Harman supplies the matching speakers right away. With the JBL 4329P also comes a speaker system that already has an integrated amplifier from the factory. And not only that. On top of that, streaming services can also be used via the speakers.

JBL4329P (Image: Harman)Numerous connectivity options ensure that you can play music here in a variety of ways. With the help of special patented acoustic technologies, JBL promises the best sound at all times.

JBL Spinner BT (Image: Harman)

In addition to this, Harman announced the JBL Spinner BT, a turntable that is designed to combine the classic virtues of a turntable with modern features. This includes just wireless music enjoyment, which is made possible with the help of Bluetooth.

Prices and availability

With the JBL Classic Series, really strong HiFi technology in a cool retro design is apparently coming our way. Those who are interested in the new Harman products will not have to wait too much longer. The four newcomers are supposed to hit the market in the second quarter of 2023. The manufacturer is calling for an MSRP of 1,899 euros for its JBL SA550 Classic Integrated Amplifier, 999 euros for the JBL MP350 Classic Streamer, 899 euros for the JBL CD350 Classic CD Player and 1,049 euros for the JBL TT350 Classic Turntable.

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