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What are Twitter Trends and how they works?



Twitter Trends

Are you on Twitter! If, Yes, then this article is for you. 

A trend on Twitter refers to a hashtag-driven topic that is immediately popular at a particular time. A hashtag is a keyword or phrase that is preceded with a pound (#) sign, as with #NBAFinals or #USElections. Trends are determined by an algorithm that monitors hot subjects based on who you follow and where you’re located. It presents activity based on real-time hashtag use and not topics that have been popular for a while. In short, what you see on the trending list are more likely related to the topics that matter to you and the online community where you belong.

If you’re interested in seeing trends that are not within your network/region, you can check the Twitter home page, discover feature or do an active search on the web. You can easily see what’s trending on the left side of the page.

What happens when you Click On A Twitter Trend

Because trends are characterized by hashtags, they are automatically clickable. When you do so, you will be led to a list of all the Tweets using that hashtag all over the world. If you want to see the comments made on a previous trend, you can just search for the keyword to draw up its corresponding list.

How To Create A Twitter Trend

A trend happens to hashtag-driven topics that have been used in conversations the most number of times. Because this can be abused by marketers, Twitter has released a set of rules? and immediately filters outposts that are blatantly selling a hashtag or do not make any sense at all just to reach trending status. Tweets that carry a hashtag without really adding value to the conversation will also be filtered out. Tweeting about a trend and then linking it to something totally unrelated is also a violation of the rules.

A trending topic does not just purport popularity. It is also translated to a win for whoever is the subject of the trend. For example, if the TV series #GameofThrones is trending, it gives the show’s producers leverage against advertisers, allowing them to command a higher price for advertising slots during the show.

Nizamuddin Dargah Twitter Trend

Nizamuddin in Delhi was found to be a hotspot for Coronavirus by the Delhi government after several were tested positive for the illness, and hundreds were found in the area who were showing symptoms of the illness; following a religious prayer meeting in the locality earlier this month. Over 2,000 delegates from Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and more, attended the Tabligh-e-Jamat from March 13-15.

Later, A trend was seen on Twitter with and Hashtags.

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