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Mother’s Day 2020: How to Wish your mother in Lockdown



Mother's Day Wishes HD

Mother’s Day 2020: How to Wish your mother in Lockdown: Mother is the only person in an everyone’s life whom he can reach anytime without hesitating and ask for anything. The love of a mother is the only unconditional thing in the world as she never demands anything in return from her children.

Even if she is miles away, she keeps checking on our well being and all our needs. And in whatever capacity possible, she tries to fulfill all our demands, deals with our tantrums, and makes our lives better, each day. To celebrate and mark the unconditional love of a mother, every year, the second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day. This year, Mother’s Day 2020 will be celebrated on May 10.

Though, Mother’s Day 2020 is going to be different as much of the world is placed inside homes due to lockdown in-place to contain the spread of novel coronavirus. However, we still can surprise our mothers and acknowledge her support and love by staying at homes and giving her surprises.

So here we bring some amazing ideas through which you can celebrate mother’s day during the coronavirus lockdown:

Surprise her with a handwritten note along with the morning tea:

Handwritten notes are still the most charming thing, especially in today’s age when messages lost their value due to the social media. Its best to write a lovely heartfelt handwritten note for your mother thanking her for her unmatchable love and support throughout your life to make her feel special and serve the letter with a cup of tea in the morning.

Prepare breakfast for her:

Your mother has been giving you bed tea or milk since you were a kid. It’s time to pamper her and prepare an exciting breakfast for her. Even if you are not a great cook, you can surely make something with the help of internet.

Pamper her with Home Salon:

As the coronavirus-induced lockdown has led to the closure of all salons, pamper your mother with some manicure, pedicure and body massage to make her feel relaxed. You can get ideas from the internet and learn how to do it. This will prove to be a much needed relaxation for her as she must be tired working for you day and night.

Make you house a theatre and watch her favourite film with her:

Like all of us, our moms also have a few favourite classic movies that they might love to watch over and over again. Because on usual days, we don’t find time to sit and watch a movie with her, why not do it now, to make her day special.

Treat her with a meal

Can’t take mom out to dinner or brunch because everything is closed during lockdown? Wake her up with a large cup of coffee first thing in the morning, then surprise her by preparing a meal for her! One thing for sure this will brighten her mood while they’re in lockdown.

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